Saqib Razzaq - Living a creative life

Book of Life Episode 3

  1. Help without desire for rewards or favors to be returned.

  2. You can win an argument without destroying the other person. Know the art.

  3. The way to reduce regrets is to stay true to who you really are.

  4. You can impact millions. Your fans can be in thousands. Yet, you will only have a few truly caring connections. Cherish them all you can.

  5. If you don’t act like your words are worth paying attention to, why should anyone else?

  6. Are you a lost boat in the middle of a storm, crashing against the rocks, tilting towards any direction it takes you? Or are you the storm carving his own way?

  7. You can fix a badly created piece. But you can never fix a blank canvas.

  8. Make shit happen. You’re not a rock.

  9. The people whose opinions you care about will forget your name three days after you fall dead.

  10. Work for your body. Create for your soul.


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