Saqib Razzaq - Living a creative life

Book of Life Episode 4

  1. When you want something, understand what you yearn for. They are usually not the same thing.

  2. Struggle and suffering are the best self-improvement coaches.

  3. Fix annoyances before they become gigantic catastrophes.

  4. They won’t cherish how much paper you collected. They will mourn you for how you made them feel.

  5. Everyone can teach you something. Painters, priests, players, winners, warriors, wagers, trapped, torn, and toddlers all the same.

  6. Help those in pain. It doesn’t take long for a twist of fate.

  7. Distinguish between friends and colleagues. The latter won’t be there when either of you switches. The earlier will always be there even when you don’t have a job.

  8. Creativity flourishes when you throw away the lid of limitations.

  9. Observe. Intensely. You never know when it might be the last time.

  10. If someone is being targeted by everyone, don’t join the band even if you think hatred is deserved. You don’t wear their shoes after all.


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