Saqib Razzaq - Living a creative life

Book of Life Episode 5

  1. You are always an underdog somewhere regardless of how good you are. That’s where you ought to be if growth is what you desire. Don’t compare wealth, status, looks, or public perception. Someone will always have it better.

  2. Who told you everything needs to be fun? Do you think crows are flapping their wings in sheer heat for sake of fun? Do you think ants fall 29 times and still climb the wall for pure joy? They spend their entire lives earning brief moments of pleasure. Why should you have the right to complain the moment life gets challenging?

  3. Our thoughts create our reality. We’re always on the hunt for signs that further cement our beliefs.

  4. Shut your mouth and do the work. Don’t question progress before consistent effort.

  5. Kindness for yourself.

  6. If your legacy doesn’t benefit others, what kind of legacy do you have?

  7. If you only work when the mood strikes, you’ll have nothing in the end.

  8. When remaining blank pages scare you, look how many you’ve filled already.

  9. Fight your demons. They’re the hardest battle you’ll ever fight.

  10. You can’t make someone happy. Do what’s right. Be just and fair. Let them decide how they feel.


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