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Mindset flip to serve

On this beautiful Friday, I've forced myself to sit alone inside my bedroom with lights off. I'm thinking hard about life, the choices I've made, and the direction that makes the most sense to me. One thing hit me.

I've always thought about life from a selfish angle.

If I write a book, I'll make lots of money and people will respect me.

If I blow up on YouTube, I'll make loads of money and I'll be famous.

In short, I've been driven by money. This has served me well to some extent. It has elevated my life to the next level. However, I'm at the point where I'm seeing another side of the picture.

I should serve, live for more than myself, fight for more than bread, and conquer more than bigger paychecks. If I can approach the same ambitions with a different mindset, I'll be making my future self thank me.

I want to write a book because it'll help such and such person.

I want to make YouTube videos because they'll be here long after I'm gone. They could be changing someone's life decades after my demise.

The question changes from how to make the most money? to how to have the greatest impact?

What kind of videos does that world need to see? What kind of books are missing? What words haven't been said? What messages haven't been delivered?


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