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Powerful Lessons from Multiple Books

Take care of yourself like you would of lover

Think about it for a second. We often put others before us. It is great to give to others and lift them up but not worth it by hurting yourself. How would you treat if someone you hold the dearest was going through a failure? Would you tell them it is their fault? Would you curse them for being dumb? Would you call the delusional or anything similar? Or would you lift them up by telling them they should try again? Treat yourself the same. Love yourself no matter how corny it may sound.

If you can't save little, you'll never save BIG

If you are skipping saving thinking you have nothing to save or you'll start saving once you start making X more money then you'll never be able to save. Your mindset is wrong. You need to figure out how to save the tiniest amount possible and then scale that as your earnings climb.

Always empty your brain by taking notes

Don't walk around with the shit filled inside your head. It can only take so much. Our brains aren't built for storing an infinite amount of information but for processing and linking things together. Hence, if you regularly dump your ideas, experiences, and feelings onto a paper then you'll be only helping yourself think faster and clearer.

We're all pretending

If you have trouble going to social gatherings, know that everyone is pretending. We're all filled with insecurities and fears. We all have our flaws. Some of us are better at hiding our emotions than others. You don't have anything to be ashamed of. Wear your flaws like armor and then they can never be used to hurt you.

Postures has roots

They are deeper than what you expect. That's why psychiatrists are always pushing you to keep your head high and your chest spread wide because it translates into how you feel. Hence, don't underestimate the power of physical actions when you need to change the way you currently feel.

Always be the dumbest in the room

If you're the smartest person in a room then you're in the wrong room because there is nothing for you to learn. Get yourself into a different room where people are even smarter than you are present. Keep expanding your ladder each time you've climbed to the top.

Small habits make a massive difference in time

One page a day turns into a novel after a year. One act of kindness a day turns into an ocean of smiles. Small habits should never be underestimated as given consistency and time they can form huge returns.

Don’t break promises to yourself

Hold yourself accountable for whatever you promise yourself. It can be the smallest thing like drinking a glass of water each morning. It can be the most critical thing like skipping fast food. You bully yourself to whatever you put your mind through. That's the only time when bullying can be acceptable.

5 second rule

Every time you feel the temptation to skip something your promised yourself to do, get up and move within the first 5 seconds. If you are delaying writing, open your laptop and start pressing random keys. If you have cold feet regarding showing up to a meeting, start putting your shows on. Take actions within the first 5 seconds. That'll often help you bust that bubble of comfort and before you know you'll be moving towards your goal.

Repitions win

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work. When you repeat yourself over and over again and stay committed to your goal of mastering a craft, you'll win.

Audience of one

Are you a writer? Are you a producer? Storyteller? Painter? Singer? Anything else? What would your product look like if it was meant for yourself? Create what you'd like to consume and you'll be miles ahead of everyone else trying to run into it blindly.

1-50 rule

How can I build and launch this in ONE day and still deliver 50% of the results?

Invest in assets and skip liability

The asset is what makes you money and liability costs you money. Take your pick and face the outcomes.


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